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I want to make the best of what is left, hold
Name: Voices In The Halls
Artist: Neon Trees
Album: Pop Pyschology
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Song Of The Week: Voices In The Halls | Neon Trees

"You still hit me like a buzz
Seventeen and drunk enough to wish”

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Just hold on we’re going home

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i wish i could burn the episode from my memory

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IT’S HERE! it’s small BUT IT’S HERE!


YES! I will be giving away a POP PSYCHOLOGY BUNDLE to ONE lucky fan! To see what you’ll be winning, click here to see the previous post featuring the items in the bundle. Here’s what you need to know for your chance to win:

Official Rules

  • You must be following this blog
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  • This giveaway is restricted to shipping in the US only. Sorry :(
  • Deadline - APRIL 22 RELEASE DAY (11:59 PM PST)
  • The winner will be announced April 23. We will contact the winner via ask box so please keep them open!

This is our THANK YOU for following our little blog and for being so cool.

We love you, Maniacs. :)

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I don’t want it; I don’t need it.

this scene is even more creepy when you realize Spirited Away was a metaphor for the sex industry in Japan





"Totoro’s about dead girls!"

"Spirited Away is about sex!"

You know what I hear?

"Maybe if I make up something that sounds smart, people will think I’m smart, even if it’s a complete fucking lie!

Hayao Miyazaki is a man of values. He’s a man who believes in the innocence of childhood and has a wonderful imagination. He believes in simplicity, kindness, the beauty of nature, and the old ways. He draws on these beliefs and his personal experiences when he makes movies.

Spirited Away was made for some friends of Miyazaki’s. Specifically, the ten-year-old daughters of some friends he invited to stay at his vacation home. It’s fairly common for Miyazaki to decide that he’s going to make movies targeted at a specific age group. Ponyo is for five-year-olds. Spirited Away is meant for ten-year-old girls, but enjoyed by a much wider audience.


The bathhouse? Not a brothel. Based on a bathhouse in his home town, which he thought was a place of mystery and wonder when he was a kid. That scene where the bathhouse staff has to clean the polluted river spirit? Based on Miyazaki’s own experiences of a town coming together to clean up a river. This scene? It’s about Chihiro not being greedy, because Chihiro is a positive role-model for ten-year-old girls.

The themes of Spirited Away are courage, strength of character, and individuality. ESPECIALLY individuality. That thing where Yubaba takes away peoples’ names and changes their species? That’s her taking away their individuality. Chihiro’s parents are now pigs, not people. Haku’s name has been shortened so he forgets who he is. When Yubaba changes Chihiro’s name, the only Kanji she leaves spell out “Sen”, the Japanese word for “one thousand”, meaning Chihiro is just another pawn of Yubaba’s, not her own person.

You want to seem cool and intelligent? Talk about the movie’s actual themes. Don’t make up this shock-value bullshit for attention.

You stupid motherfuckers.



Why is it that everyone seems to want to turn anything innocent, into something dark and twisted?

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"There will be other lives.
There will be other lives for nervous boys with sweaty palms, for bittersweet fumblings in the backseats of cars, for caps and gowns in royal blue and crimson, for mothers clasping pretty pearl necklaces around daughters’; unlined necks, for your full name read aloud in an auditorium, for brand-new suitcases transporting you to strange new people in strange new lands.
And there will be other lives for unpaid debts, for one-night stands, for Prague and Paris, for painful shoes with pointy toes, for indecision and revisions.
And there will be other lives for fathers walking daughters down aisles.
And there will be other lives for sweet babies with skin like milk.
And there will be other lives for a man you don’t recognize, for a face in a mirror that is no longer yours, for the funerals of intimates, for shrinking, for teeth that fall out, for hair on your chin, for forgetting everything. Everything.
Oh, there are so many lives. How we wish we could live them concurrently instead of one by one by one. We could select the best pieces of each, stringing them together like a strand of pearls. But that’s not how it works. A human’s life is a beautiful mess."

—Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere (via booksquoteslove)
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So I heard it’s Earth Day


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the boondocks season 4 started today and it’s off to a great start, that is all. 

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